We are the people working behind the scene to make sure that you have a place to stay as a student, while you focus on what’s most important, your studies.

MyUniHostels is an online marketplace for tertiary institution students across Nigeria to search, find and book an off-campus accommodation with thousands of verified properties across Nigeria.

At MyUniHostels, we are creating a trusted, faster, cheap and reliable brand for student accommodation in the country. Our dream is make finding off-campus accommodation easier than ever for students and bring the market to accommodation providers. We envision a situation where students feel safe when booking and we understand the value of trusted accommodation providers.

We are aware of the troubles most students pass through to find a place, while their studies suffer and how accommodation providers are in need of a platform that brings what they have to those who need it. This is where we come in. We are high to make it easier, faster and cheaper for students to find accommodation, while helping accommodation providers get in the face of students who need their accommodation.

This is what drives us daily. This is our special way of making our world a better place. To help you do this, it is totally free. We only charge for a very very small commission for all transactions within this platform.

Know that we’re here to help.